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Your points are noted. Let me make one or two points clear.

1. There is a clear separation of duties between executive and board. I'm
not suggesting that the Board usurp the role of the CEO. Or vice versa. I'm
simply saying there are issues that the CEO CANNOT purport to speak for the
board. This is basic corporate governance 1o1. For example, if there's an
issue with the NomComm or HR & Governance committee pertaining to the
conduct of a senior executive or the CEO himself, there will be a clear
conflict for the CEO to address such matters.

2. If the community is unclear between the roles of the Board and the CEO
then I suggest that they read up on this and/or Afrinic endeavors to
capacity build the community on the same.

Ooh...About your team at your organization probably not ever hearing from
the board...Well...I can't say much about that coz company cultures are
different. However, let me tell you this:-

A board that is detached from the rest of the organization, seemingly like
they are some demi-gods, is one of the reasons that companies lose their
way..There's a fine balance between 'interference' and 'neglect'. We must
ensure that Afrinic doesn't suffer from this.

One last point. The chairperson of a board is supposed to represent the
board in such matters. Not the CEO. This MUST be made clear. Board matters
are Board matters. He/she is First Among Equals.


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> On 7/Nov/19 01:08, Ali Hussein wrote:


> >

> > From a corporate governance perspective this must and should be

> > addressed by the board chair. You cannot represent the board on such

> > matters. Kindly clarify this point. Let me also add that as a

> > community based organization the board cannot be hands off. As long as

> > they don’t interfere with the day to day running of the organization.

> > Their fiduciary responsibility requires that from time to time they

> > address issues pertaining to their role. The board chair usually

> > represents them on this.


> Ali, I think you are asking 2 different questions here:


> - Will the Board continue to be the Board?

> - Will our CEO give the Board airtime to communicate on Board matters?


> I won't speak on behalf of the CEO, I'll just speak to common sense and

> my own experiences.


> The Board will continue to perform their duties of supporting the CEO

> re: strategy and governance. No one is suggesting the Board be disbanded.


> However, I do believe that whatever message the Board wants the

> membership to hear should vessel through the CEO. It confuses the

> membership when some matters should be relayed by the Board, and others

> by the CEO.


> I have not read the bylaws on this, so I am not sure whether there is

> any specific provision that dictates what the Board SHOULD communicate,

> CAN communicate and MUST communicate. If the bylaws do not make such a

> provision or leave a lot of wiggle room, I'd default to the CEO being

> the person who communicates with the membership. It does not take the

> Board's function away. In fact, it enhances accountability, stability

> and uniformity. Lord knows the membership are craving these principles.


> At work, the people in my team have probably never heard from the Board

> of my organization. I don't expect them ever to, and yet that Board

> determines their overall well-being as employees.


> Mark.





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