[Community-Discuss] AFRINIC CEO Recrutment process

Bope Domilongo Christian christianbope at gmail.com
Sat May 18 06:04:38 UTC 2019

Dear AFRINIC Members and community,

The AFRINIC Board has decided on a process of the recruitment of AFRINIC
new CEO as follows:

The Board’s Remuneration Committee (REMCO,
https://afrinic.net/board/committees#remunaration) shall act as a CEO
Search Committee, with the following working methods:

- An external indépendant firm shall be engaged to perform the recruitment.

- The REMCO shall draw up a timeline and terms of reference, and shall
forward it to the Board for approval;

- The Board shall approve the terms of reference within 48 hours after
receiving REMCO’s recommendation.

- The REMCO shall forward a final report from the external indépendant firm
to the Board for the Board’s final decision.

- The REMCO shall recommend at least the top three candidates.

The Board shall make its decision about the appointment within no more than
7 days.

The Board adopted the following timeline:


The following are key deliverables and timelines of the CEO recruitment

(1) Finalization of Terms of Reference (TOR) to engage a recruitment/search
agency (20 May 2019).

(2) Engagement of search agency (4 June 2019).

(3) Finalization of desired CEO criteria (10 June 2019).

(4) Advertisement for the vacancy (17 June 2019). Deadline for submission
of applications 19 July 2019. All applications will go through the uniform

(5) Final shortlist of candidates for interview (26 July 2019)

(6) Interview of shortlisted candidates (2 – 4 August 2019)

(8) Recommendation of top 3 candidates to the Board (9 August 2019)

(9) Board approval of selected candidate (16 August 2019)

(10) Submission of offer of employment to the selected candidate (23 August

(11) Acceptance or non-acceptance of appointment by the selected candidate
(30 August 2019)

(12) New CEO announcement (6 September 2019)

(13) New CEO takes office (no later than 1 December 2019)

Best Regards,

Christian D. Bope, PhD

Chairman, AFRINIC Board

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