[Community-Discuss] Everyone... meet Benjamin

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Jun 19 16:16:27 UTC 2019

> On Jun 19, 2019, at 16:40, Wayne Diamond <wayne at domains.co.za> wrote:
> I see a couple of issues here:
> This is why last week I suggested that members are only allowed to respond from the email address of the member they are representing. (If they represent more than 1 member then they should be subscribed via the domain / email address of each member.)
> This issue would not happen if we took that approach plus people would not be so quick to bash others but work more in the interest of AfriNic and the industry

This is the community list and not the members list. As such, restricting it to members would be invalid and counter-productive. 

Many of us who participate on this list and on the rpd list in good faith do not represent any member. 


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