[Community-Discuss] My election statement for PDWG CoChair

Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Wed Jun 19 14:59:53 UTC 2019

Presidence - whilst I was in charge of Elections (NomCom) - I allowed 
one person to proxy another - therefore Ashok is wrong.

I'm sick - with flu - and a bad voice - even then - I was not allowed to 
connect my Mic to the conference. Ernest also refused my phone call.


Its basically winter solstice on the southern tip of this continent and
unfortunately Mark is in the midst of the flu season, which he has no
wish to share.

Twenty years ago, Mark met Dr Nii Quanor at INET'99 in San Jose,
California - where people were LOUDLY discussing the creation of an
African regional registry so Mark's interest in and support for AfriNIC
goes back a long way.

Mark was first part of NomCom in 2008 and has served on a total of
seven NomCom's.

He became a Board member in 2009 - a position he held for six years.
In this time period, he was both Chair (a short time) and Vice Chair of 
the Board.

He was the Boards ASO-AC representative when Alan Barrett became the CEO.

More importantly, Mark, at AfriNIC-5 (2006) presented his first Policy -
which was later accepted. That is - PI space for IPv6 "/48's"). He has
been a Policy Contributor ever since.

Mark has also given many presentations at AfriNIC meetings.

Some other dates include:

1992 - Started Posix Systems - a very early ISP
1995 - acquired the CO.ZA zone file on behalf of UniForum SA and 
automated it
so everyone could easily acquire domain names.
1996 - qualified as a Cisco CCIE #1992
1997 - started running IPv6 in January of that year
2009 - gave IPv6 based presentations at the IGF on behalf of AfriNIC
2010 - running DNSSEC at Posix
2011 - became a member of the South African IoD (Institution of Directors)

He also:-

* Helped start UniForum SA (Member No. #1) - which is now the current ZACR
(South African Central Registry) - the largest and most successful ccTLD
in Africa

* Is a current member of the ICANN DNSSEC Program Committee

Mark has a great love for the Internet in Africa and that definitely 
a love and passion for AfriNIC. It would be wasteful to not use this 
person with such
an institutional memory and passion for AFRINIC.


Mark James ELKINS  -  Posix Systems - (South) Africa
mje at posix.co.za       Tel: +27.128070590  Cell: +27.826010496
For fast, reliable, low cost Internet in ZA: https://ftth.posix.co.za

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