[Community-Discuss] Everyone... meet Benjamin

Wayne Diamond wayne at domains.co.za
Wed Jun 19 13:40:59 UTC 2019

I see a couple of issues here:
This is why last week I suggested that members are only allowed to respond from the email address of the member they are representing. (If they represent more than 1 member then they should be subscribed via the domain / email address of each member.)
This issue would not happen if we took that approach plus people would not be so quick to bash others but work more in the interest of AfriNic and the industry

The other issue which is more important is what the AfriNic Board is going to do about the below

Benjamin Ledoh AKA Marcus Adomey
Who does Mr Adorney represent? (If at all anybody)
Mr Adomey has provided no proof of any of his comments, has been openly been racist, attacked the characters of numerous people and companies and has violated numerous codes within the AfriNic code of conduct (https://www.afrinic.net/code)

I believe that the board needs to stop this type of behaviour by banning Mr Adorney from all mailing lists and / or any representation within AfriNic. If Mr Adorney is contracted in anyway to AfriNic for any type of service, this should be terminated immediately.

We as AfriNic members should not have to tolerate hatred & racism on these mailing lists

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Sorry - I accidently sent this to the wrong list originally - so - let it be stated here for the community to see as well




This was sent to me - I was not actually involved in the work done to find this - but - I thought it would be of interest to the list.

Everyone - meet Marcus Adomey - Also known as Benjamin Ledoh.

I also point out that - if you use a separate email address that is NOT Marcus's - it explicitly tells you that it's the wrong address.

So Marcus - do you care to explain how an author of PDP-BIS - who claims to be attempting to bring the policy process to a more fair and equitable method - is hiding under an alias posting defamatory, unsubstantiated and spurious allegations?



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