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Ish Sookun ish.sookun at lasentinelle.mu
Tue Jun 11 19:10:02 UTC 2019

Hi Andrew,

On 6/11/19 9:45 PM, Andrew Alston wrote:
> I point you to the companies act of 2001, section 225 sub-section 2(d) 
> which states that ANY person upon serving written notice on the company
> of his intention to inspect the records shall be given access to the
> full names and residential addresses of directors. The companies act
> makes this public data and strips any right to expectation of privacy
> from a director – since they chose to be a director and should have read
> the act.

The affidavit has more personal information than just names &
residential addresses.

The Registrar of Companies of Mauritius requires the name and other
personal data of persons who consent to be a company director. Registrar
records are made accessible to public upon request. It does not
automatically turn that information into public data; i.e giving another
entity the right to re-publish without authorization.


Ish Sookun

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