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Ish Sookun ish.sookun at lasentinelle.mu
Tue Jun 11 12:08:47 UTC 2019

Hi Mike,

On 6/11/19 2:10 PM, Mike Silber wrote:
> No - but I can point you to the Companies Act as well as form S23-F10
> and Section 23 of the DPA

The information provided in the forms are collected & processed by the
Registrar of Companies of Mauritius. The personal data that is subject
to this discussion was published by AFRINIC Ltd.

> I suggest you raise your concern with the Corporate and Business
> Registration Department and not with AfriNIC, this community or myself.

Right. I will seek the advice of the Data Protection Office on this matter.

> This is illogical, as ALL addresses were redacted. Maybe the minutes are
> inaccurate?

I quote from https://afrinic.net/ast/pdf/2019-minutes/20190305-minutes.pdf

  « SM recalled that the Board collectively agreed to take the AGMM
    matter to Court and there was no decision about disclosing the
    personal data to the community. It was just a matter of when to
    disclose the information and what to disclose. It is not because
    the document is public, that we can disclose to the public mailing
    list. »

Am I reading the wrong or inaccurate minutes?


Ish Sookun

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