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Yazid AKANHO yakanho2 at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 30 22:59:57 UTC 2019

Dears, Yes Benin IGF exists as well as ISOC Benin and other organizations like Igbanet and ABC-PN fighting to have a safe, stable, secured, available Internet in Benin. 6 months back, the same government introduced tax on social media and Benin Internet community (mainly composed of the organizations i listed above) fighted a lot via #TaxePasMesMo campaign and finally the government resigned and engaged the dialogue with the community.It is unbelievable that just 6 months later, the same government shutdown completely the Internet a full day. Sometime, you just ask yourself in which language you should talk to the government so that they understand. Any voice, any idea wyerever it comes from is welcome to build a strategy to make them understand.

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  Le mar., avr. 30, 2019 à 21:21, Dewole Ajao<dewole at forum.org.ng> a écrit :   I was of the opinion that this was a community discussion and we were 
each speaking in our capacity as (potentially) affected users - not from 
an AFRINIC perspective; AFRINIC does not determine the engagement in our 
countries anyway.

You are right, though - the local Internet Governance initiative such as 
Benin IGF (if it exists in a multi- stakeholder fashion) would be a good platform for engaging with and educating the policy makers.

On 4/30/2019 9:01 PM, Ish Sookun wrote:
> Hi Dewole,
> On 4/30/19 11:25 PM, Dewole Ajao wrote:
>> I wouldn't say any website should be blocked. If the policy makers have
>> a concern (founded or unfounded), all we can do is try to educate them
>> and show them better ways to deal with their concerns. Now is the time
>> to start that engagement (if possible) - not after they have started
>> blocking stuff.
> I believe that fits the IGF.
> It would be ideal if a discussion could start here and reach people with
> decision-making mandates. At the moment, I do not see anything within
> AFRINIC that could take things beyond the mailing list, except the will
> of people.
> Benin is part of the West African Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF).
> There is no mention of the internet shutdown that happened in Benin at
> https://www.waigf.org/news. Shouldn't the regional IGFs write in support
> of internet users of Benin?
> Regards,
> Ish Sookun

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