[Community-Discuss] Internet shutdown in Africa

Dewole Ajao dewole at forum.org.ng
Tue Apr 30 19:25:54 UTC 2019

I wouldn't say any website should be blocked. If the policy makers have 
a concern (founded or unfounded), all we can do is try to educate them 
and show them better ways to deal with their concerns. Now is the time 
to start that engagement (if possible) - not after they have started 
blocking stuff.



On 4/30/2019 7:49 PM, Ish Sookun wrote:
> Hi Dewole,
> On 4/30/19 8:22 PM, Dewole Ajao wrote:
>> Realistically, the only effective thing we can (attempt to) do is seek
>> out the policy makers, educate them about how an uninterrupted Internet
>> is really important to us, listen to their concerns, and help them
>> formulate policies that address their concerns without shutting down the
>> Internet.
> The ICT regulator in Mauritius has installed a National Internet
> Filtering System [1] to block internet content. It can be used to block
> Facebook. Should Facebook be blocked if that is a concern of policy makers?
> Regards,
> Ish Sookun
> [1] https://www.icta.mu/internet.html#int3

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