[Community-Discuss] Internet shutdown in Africa

Ish Sookun ish.sookun at lasentinelle.mu
Tue Apr 30 18:49:05 UTC 2019

Hi Dewole,

On 4/30/19 8:22 PM, Dewole Ajao wrote:
> Realistically, the only effective thing we can (attempt to) do is seek
> out the policy makers, educate them about how an uninterrupted Internet
> is really important to us, listen to their concerns, and help them
> formulate policies that address their concerns without shutting down the
> Internet.

The ICT regulator in Mauritius has installed a National Internet
Filtering System [1] to block internet content. It can be used to block
Facebook. Should Facebook be blocked if that is a concern of policy makers?


Ish Sookun

[1] https://www.icta.mu/internet.html#int3

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