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Hi Andrew,

Mr Yavisht Toolseeya was appointed as [Office Administration Manager] reporting to the [ Director of Human Resources & Administration] as from August 2014. 

He got promoted as [Human Resources and Administration Manager] reporting to the CEO as from  July 2015. 

Former CEO left end of January 2015 and the new CEO took office from April 2015.

Hope this clarifies and set the records.



> On 26 Mar 2018, at 19:53, Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com> wrote:
> Just some thoughts and observations…
> Firstly – We don’t know for a fact that the individual referred to in those documents is the same one that works for AfriNIC (I found more than one individual with that same name in Mauritius).
> Secondly – based on the second article – the allegations against the Co-operative were thoroughly investigated and lead to legal action against those complicit – as in – everyone was found to be complicit – got arrested – and since Mr Yoolseeya – if it is the same individual – was not arrested – I question how you can claim he is liable *IF* he is the same individual.
> Thirdly – The individual was hired before the current CEO took up his position – he was hired under the reign of another CEO – so the question about what due diligence was done by the CEO before hiring senior staff – would need to be directed at the former CEO, or the persons directly responsible for his hiring – in the case of that being the former CEO – you’d need to ask him – in the case of it being anyone else – they probably cannot disclose what due diligence turned up because of privacy laws.
> Andrew
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> Hello
> In light of the recent disclosed complaints, we have received no reply from Afrinic HR regarding more details about staff turnover in the AGMM report.
> Thus, I have done my own investigation on Mr Yavisht Toolseeya.
> In the following link, https://vpmpcs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Annual-Report-2013.pdf <https://vpmpcs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Annual-Report-2013.pdf> we can notice on page 9 that Mr Yavisht Toolseeya is in the board of directors of a company called Vacoas Popular Multi Purpose Co-operative Society LTD.
> I translated the following article that appeared on a famous Mauritius newspaper as follows: https://www.lemauricien.com/article/detournements-arrestation-et-inculpation-des-maserati-boys-vacoas <https://www.lemauricien.com/article/detournements-arrestation-et-inculpation-des-maserati-boys-vacoas> which amounts to conspiracy to defraud to wit: Using black money for personal financial gain.
> I strongly doubt that Mr Yavisht Toolseeya despite being in the board of directors of  Vacoas Popular Multi Purpose Co-operative Society LTD would act as a whistleblower of this scandal instead of tuning a deaf ear to the situation.
> Similarly, we can perceive how this reflects on his attitude as HR Manager of Afrinic. I question Afrinic choice about his recruitment. Was due diligence done before hiring Mr Yavisht Toolseeya as HR Manager of Afrinic ?
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