[Community-Discuss] Call to urgently address Afrinic management issues

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Mon Mar 26 21:43:40 UTC 2018

Dear AfriNIC Board,

Writting in my personal capacity as a member and an Afrinic community folk.

I would like to state that, the recent complaints from AfriNIC staff have
showed abuse of power, management issues and among other things human
ressources issues.

Quite a number of anonymous emails have been sent to various mailing lists
of which some even ended up on private members list and most of the issues
in these emails seem to highlight what we would assume as an unhappy
Afrinic with some staff members trying to show the deepness of the
challenges faced within the organisation.

Among the issues are;

1. Some staff are complaining of harrasment (inapproproate language etc)
from fellow staff and we look forward to getting an update on how issues of
work-place harrassment have been handled and if human resource measures
have been put in place going forward to address this behaviour while the
investigations of one of the complaint is still ongoing.

2.Most importantly the HR issues need to be addressed to ensure that
Afrinic employees work in a condusive working environment which is fair to
all, both the male and the female staff.


Can the board kindly look into the management issues that are affecting the
organisation and addressed them.

Can the board initiate a complete and full audit of the organisation not
only finance but also human resources.

Can the board also look into how the top management is performing as well.

We want to see a vibrant Afrinic going forward.

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