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Hi ,
I can not say whether this limit of $15000 is reasonable or not.
But I want to be sure that, this investigation will not be impacted by resource limitations.
Gregoire EHOUMI
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Regarding why $15,000 limit…
Because fiduciary responsibility dictates that they must set some limit. IMHO, $15,000 is a rather large budgetfor the investigation required in this case, but I can understand the board not wanting to be seen as imposingsome unreasonable limit in this case, so $15,000 seems like a reasonably over-the-top number without gettingtoo excessive.
Do you actually think that the number is out of line? If so, in what way?
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The board resolution [1] as expected, asked GC to report back to the board and GC advices are not binding(cf GC TOR). The CEO/ board will be approving things for the GC, receive investigation report and decide on actions stream. Thus, the clear necessity for the board and management staff accused to stand back from board and executive actions. Care should be taken for the investigation committee for real independent, neutral and credible investigations. Also we shall act in full compliance with governing laws.
1- why the limit of 15,000 USD? 
2- Are we limited in ressources for this investigation?  
3- What would be the impact?
In all cases, wish you all the best and see you all in dakar
=================[1] Resolution 201803.391WHEREAS certain allegations have been made in public against AFRINIC staff and Directors;WHEREAS an independent investigation is desirable;RESOLVED to request the Governance Committee to develop Terms of Reference for an independent investigation, and to appoint an Investigation Committee;RESOLVED that the Governance Committee report back to the Board by the 30th April 2018;RESOLVED that the CEO may approve related expenses up to a total of USD 15000.

Grégoire EHOUMI

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