[Community-Discuss] Complain for harassment in work environment at AFRINIC"

Uffa Modey uffa_modey at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 09:10:59 UTC 2018

Good day Mr Lucky. Thanks for the update on this issue.

As a newbie and an emerging young female in the Afrinic community, I was very upset to learn about these accusations considering that I look up to all the parties involved ( both the accused and the accuser) as asteemed Afrinic community leaders.

However, despite the fact that we all agree that this is an extremely serious issue, I fail to see any strong and intentional steps being taken by Afrinic to properly address this issue. I understand that due process must be followed but can we not imagine the disgrace it will be to our dearest RIR if this issue got blown out of proportion and it is seen that we as a community didn't address it with the urgency and seriousness it required?

The shared document was quite verbal and with the numerous campaigns going on both online and offline at the moment globally, it will definitely not be ignored once it is accessed by the rest of the world considering the positions of the individuals involved and the organisation involved (AFRINIC).

Please we need to take more drastic steps to address this issue with the urgency it deserves.

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  On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 9:38 PM, Lucky Masilela<lmasilela at registry.net.za> wrote:   Dear AFRINIC Community

Certain allegations have been made  against AFRINIC staff and Directors and in the spirit of openness and transparency, the Board has resolved to appoint an independent commission of inquiry to investigate these allegations  and report on this matter.  The Board  further resolved to request the Governance Committee to develop the Terms of Reference to be applied to the independent commission and to receive the final report from the Committee by no later than the 30 April 2018.

We advise that we will keep the community appraised of further developments and appeal to the community to handle this matter with all the sensitivity it deserves and allow this process to be concluded without any hindrance.


Lucky Masilela

Chairperson REMCO on Behalf of the Board. 

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