[Community-Discuss] Cotonou Meeting (off-topic)

S Moonesamy sm+afrinic at elandsys.com
Tue Jun 26 06:50:56 UTC 2018

Hi Saul,
At 11:18 PM 25-06-2018, Saul Stein wrote:
>Another ticket provided to me : [AFRINIC #608664]


The response time for the previous ticket was not within the two-day 
limit which is stated in the service level commitment.

It is likely that there are at least two issues:

   (a) The response time for requests for allocations of IP address space is
       taking too long.

   (b) The current reporting (statistics) does not provide clear information to
       identify how many tickets are not within the two-day service level

I will follow up on members-discuss mailing list.

S. Moonesamy 

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