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Figured I'd follow this up btw, because I thought to myself - is that kinda time frame to process an application really that long - in the context of what AFRINIC says delays applications.

According to what has been said in the past publicly - many applications are delayed because clients are slow in responding to requests for additional information.  So - I want to ask this - what is done while staff are awaiting for this documentation.   Because - if requests are being handled in parallel - a delay per individual application should not actually result in the average processing times detailed below.

So - that doesn't hold water.

So I was really curious - lets look at going through the documentation - based on a bit of homework - the average person could read through The Bible - cover to cover - in 43.79 hours.  The average person could read through the entire Harry Potter series in roughly 60.23 hours.  (Figures based on average reading speed)

Now - that would mean if I submitted a documentation pack as thick at the bible - and while I realize that some of AFRINIC documentation requests (like asking for a list of 2 million domains in one case) may produce a truly biblical amount of documentation - that would still leave 50 odd hours to analyse the documentation and process the request.  Things just don't add up here.  Maybe we need Harry Potter to wave his wand to produce an end to an application and he's unavailable?



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I have to second this -

In the past I have raised tickets - and no - I'm in the mood to go digging back through mountains of emails to find them - the ticket system should be able to find them - and had no responses for ages.

I also point out that there was an explicit problem reported to the board and the ceo about an investigation - that was made by the South African ISP contingent on the NAP list - a response was forthcoming to say "it was being investigated"

Time frames have been requested - nothing has come back - no time frames - no answers.

This is a repetitive - constant issue - that I have seen raised time and again year after year.  And I have to question what is going on here - lets look at it realistically - AfriNIC employs 9 people in Member Services (still confuses me btw why the IT and engineering team is larger than the team that is meant to handle AfriNIC's core business, because that currently sits at 10).

I went and checked ipv4 allocation requests as per the delegation file going back to the beginning of the year... its now the 21st of June as I write that - there have been 117 work days in Mauritius since the 1st of January.  Between 9 staff - that equates to 1053 Man days - at 8 hours a day that's 8424 man hours - there have been 111 allocations made.

That means - your average turn around time in man hours to do one allocation is running to 75 hours per allocation - or 9 days.  AfriNIC has consistently stated that small allocations are generally very fast - and can be turned around in a day or two - 25 of these allocations were /24s - so lets say we allocate a full 16 hours to each of these allocations - that would take 400 man hours - your average for the rest of them - is now sitting at 93 man hours per allocation - considering your average work week is 40 hours - we're talking about over 2 weeks per every allocation.

Come on people - no one can claim this is acceptable


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Dear SM,
This should all be in your ticketing system. Any respectable ticketing
system should be able to report on calls that have taken longer than 3
days to resolve.
I could ask the South African ISPs to produce this list, however, and this
is becoming the issue, what's the point? We, as a membership base have
been complaining about this on the lists for some time and at the AGMMs.

People don't have the time to document every little thing that happens -
it takes time away from them doing what they need to do to make the
companies they work for functional.
As mentioned, some gave up and went to RIPE - they won't have kept their
ticket numbers...


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Hi Saul,
At 03:44 AM 21-06-2018, Saul Stein wrote:
>Every ISP that I have spoken to complains about the service levels to
>the point that one or two actually got space from RIPE.

Can you please get me the ticket numbers, the dates of the complaints and
the dates the complaints were resolved (if applicable)?

S. Moonesamy

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