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Since we decided to talk budgets and finance – I was kinda bored and decided to run some numbers – if AFRINIC was a pure IP registry – what would it cost its members as compared to at the moment.  These numbers are purely theoretical – except where I calculate in actual staff costs at current, number of work days in a year etc – those are all based straight out of the AFS.

So – I took the CEO’s salary – as per the 2017 AFS – and took the HR cost – and calculated the average cost per staff member at AFRINIC with the exclusion of the CEO.
Then – I calculated down to an hourly rate per staff member on average – based on a 250 work day year (which is what Mauritius was in 2017) – at 8 hours a day.

This came out like this:

HR Costs

CEO Cost


Staff Cost


Average Cost Per Staff Member


Work Days for 2017 (MU)


Hours Per Day per Staff Member


Cost Per Hour Per Staff Member


Then – I said ok – based on my previous calculations – lets work on an average of 75 hours work per application (current average number of hours per application as of latest delegation file, including really small applications) and calculate a pure cost recovery per application – this looked like this:

Money Generated from Applications (Cost Recovery)

Average Hours Per Application


Cost Per Application


Total Applications


Money Generated from Applications


Then I said – let’s revise things a bit for a hypothetical.

We’d drop to a staff count of 20 + the CEO – at the same average rate – that retains the 9 current hostmasters + 11 additional support staff (and I think that was being pretty generous).
Allocate $50k a year for travel – because if we being a pure registry – that’s pretty much all it would cost – anything else can be done online in this hypothetical.
The office costs are down because you have a much smaller staff compliment – so we’ll cut that to $150k
We’ll allocate $300k for miscellaneous expenses – and then we’ll add $200k a year to generate surplus for the organisation.
We’re already cost recovering from applications – so we’ll deduct that from all of this and this is what it looks like:

Revised to do purely allocations

20 Staff


Office Space


Travel Costs


Ceo's Salary


Miscellaneous Costs


Surplus Generation


Application Fees




Then – we say we have 1550 members (its actually slightly more than that) and what do we find…

Cost Per Member (Recurring)


Now – considering that the cheapest LIR pays $1400 a year – and the allocation fees at minimum of $1750 per application at the moment – well… food for thought about how much we, as members, want to really be paying for over and above what the registry should be doing as its core business…


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SM - use the AFS not the budgets please


Liquid Telecommunications - Group Head Of IP Strategy
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I read a comment about travels costs since 2014. The budgeted item
[1] was as follows:

2014 $410,000
2015 $390,000
2016 $525,400
2017 $525,000
2018 $490,000

S. Moonesamy

1. Amounts are in USD.

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