[Community-Discuss] ISOC InterCommunity 2017 in Mauritius

Ish Sookun ish at lsl.digital
Sun Sep 10 14:32:04 UTC 2017

Hi SM,

The Internet Society is celebrating its 25th anniversary and a special
edition of InterCommunity 2017 on the 19th September 2017.

In Mauritius, the InterCommunity 2017 event [1] is happening at Sofitel
Hotel. I would like to know whether AFRINIC is a collaborator or
organizer of this event as it seems that the PR part is being handled by
AFRINIC. I did not receive any invitation for the event from ISOC
Mauritius, nor did I ever received any notification about any ISOC
Mauritius activity in the past few years. I struggled in the past to
verify whether or not I am an ISOC member; the chapter showing no sign
of transparency & accountability.

I learned about the InterCommunity 2017 through AFRINIC.

Is the InterCommunity 2017 event by AFRINIC or ISOC Mauritius? Could you
provide some information about ISOC Mauritius that AFRINIC recognizes?


Ish Sookun

[1] https://www.internetsociety.org/intercommunity/2017/nodes/port-louis

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