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Dear Chair,
Thank you very much for this important update.
While I applaud efforts by the board in engaging the community, I am
curious to understand the rationale behind these interventions.
Should they be read as an indication from the board that if feels that the
mechanisms already in place, include Open Mics at AGMs and Board Governance
Committee are insufficient?

I am asking because my reading of the situation is not that current
channels do not exits or are insufficient. Rather, my thinking is that
mechanisms to address issues raised using current channels and updating the
community is what needs fixing.

Based this thinking I would be more welcoming of interventions that provide
processes and mechanisms to capture this feedback, track implementation and
reporting back to the community. Noah's recommendations are a great place
to start.


On 28 June 2017 at 17:14, Sunday Folayan <sfolayan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Community,
> As part of our efforts to enhance the Board-community engagement process,
> the Board is introducing an open microphone session at all subsequent
> AfriNIC meetings, whether there is an AGMM or SGMM or not.
> The Open Mic sessions will be at least One hour (with provisions for more
> time). It will afford the community, an opportunity to discuss wide ranging
> issues and also interact with the Board and the Staff.
> As part of the engagement process, we will appreciate if the Community can
> take note of the following:
>  - Issues of Strategic nature should be sent to board at afrinic.net.
>  - Issues of Operational nature should be sent to ceo at afrinic.net
> When in doubt, please be kind enough to send the request to
> ceo at afrinic.net and it will be routed appropriately.
> In order to avoid any doubts on the existing communication channels, it
> should be noted that  the community (community-discuss at afrinic.net) and
> Members (members-discuss at afrinic.net) discussion lists will continue to
> exist. Indeed, such requests can be copied to such lists.
> These are in addition to the service related contacts set out in the
> AFRINIC Service Level Commitment at https://afrinic.net/en/service
> s/afrinic-slc
> Best Regards,
> Sunday Folayan
> Chair, AfriNIC Board
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