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2017-06-29 9:00 GMT+04:00 Badru Ntege <badru.ntege at nftconsult.com>:

> Thank you for your communication however I worry if we are introducing
> more complications to fix a simple issue.

> The whole idea of the community lists I would have thought is the
> transparency but also consensus and bottom up.

Nothing has changed. Chairman say those list still exist and issues can
still be copied there.

> CEO is an employee if the primarily answerable to the board which is
> answerable to the community.
> I feel you are burdening the CEO with this plan.

I am sure CEO can speak for himself. I also sure the chairman board (who I
believe speak on behalf of board on this list) discuss this with CEO before
sending last email. You talk of trust, let us start show some trust and
faith in some simple thing.

> The open discussion list allows community to also filter some requests
> which then get discussed and finally answered in totality.

Nothing in what chairman has propose will change that. See last but one

> In my simple view the problem is simple a method of responding to issues
> in time would appease the community.

I not so keen on method. But I do 1000% support timeliness. At very least,
CEO or board chair must acknowledged an issue if there is no immediate
answer then say when he will come back toward us with answer to issue

> Hope other members see it this way I will also be okay if members see it
> your way but an open discussion would allow and protect our concept of
> consensus

Again. NOTHING in chair's email is attempt to shut down open discussion. He
clearly state that

i)  member-discuss and community-discuss continue to exist
ii) people can still copy message to those list (even better for

Borg le Chevalier
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