[Community-Discuss] Board-Community Engagement

Sunday Folayan sfolayan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 14:14:34 UTC 2017

Dear Community,

As part of our efforts to enhance the Board-community engagement 
process, the Board is introducing an open microphone session at all 
subsequent AfriNIC meetings, whether there is an AGMM or SGMM or not.

The Open Mic sessions will be at least One hour (with provisions for 
more time). It will afford the community, an opportunity to discuss wide 
ranging issues and also interact with the Board and the Staff.

As part of the engagement process, we will appreciate if the Community 
can take note of the following:

  - Issues of Strategic nature should be sent to board at afrinic.net.

  - Issues of Operational nature should be sent to ceo at afrinic.net

When in doubt, please be kind enough to send the request to 
ceo at afrinic.net and it will be routed appropriately.

In order to avoid any doubts on the existing communication channels, it 
should be noted that  the community (community-discuss at afrinic.net) and 
Members (members-discuss at afrinic.net) discussion lists will continue to 
exist. Indeed, such requests can be copied to such lists.

These are in addition to the service related contacts set out in the 
AFRINIC Service Level Commitment at 

Best Regards,

Sunday Folayan
Chair, AfriNIC Board

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