[Community-Discuss] [rpd] Anti-Shutdown - there shall be negative impact of the Internet

Tutu Ngcaba pan.afrikhan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 11:22:24 UTC 2017

Dear Brother Bill Woodcock,

I did not feel weell until today so i get to read many many emails which i
shall start to responding. I also listen to all the videos from the
community in the AIS meeting i missed so many times in Nairobi and i will
tell you.

the UN people  when you attended the meetings as they mustn't forget to
 talk about the using of the internet freedom by some politics people of
the society to send the wrong message of propagating fake and wrong news
from the facebook, the twitters, the youtube for example. even the trump
will tell of the fake news.

you read and see even is the past people died after the years of the
upraising from belows websites from the social medias



* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media_and_the_Arab_Spring
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media_and_the_Arab_Spring> *

did you know how many people died from this time until today??????.

the UN people are not gonna support when the brothers in africa and arab
country being bombed and died even today for the libya and syria where not
government stability but this different army generals ruling everywhere and
our brothers all run away from their own countries and today we talk only
advantage and not the disadvantages of the internet.

the fakest news is also in the internet and it will cause the political and
the social problems even today terrorism which many people will die.some
politicians will ask their poor people to cause the crazy stuffs of bombs
or beating of brutality so they can say government did and start the
chaoticness after very very angry society.

you read in this message belows



Even the people who will abuse young children will use the internet my


am looking at your answer today while you think of this problems of the
society in the world after this fake news and the wrong message and
this t*housands
of the refugee people from Africa and Arabia country *of Syria going to
this  country of Europia and the America where the trump president dont
even care of the refugees after this problems from politics.


you tell me you tell me brother because for us in the Africa we will care
about our people as we always have peace for the longest time before even
the internet come with the good side of it which some brothers will praise
and praise and praise and not also think maybe also there is problems with
also the internet free...

*This the UN discussing mustn't forget the problem the freedoms of the
internet will cause also since because it is good in some social political
aspects but we mustn't it will also not be good some times and the people
can not see this immediately until so many years of suffering like today we
still have seen more problems in this world after something started
normally and the people happy yet today so many sad families and also the
internet contribute to this.*

See good and bad in the below website also



Tutu Ngcaba

On 9 June 2017 at 20:04, Bill Woodcock <woody at pch.net> wrote:

> Apropos this topic, a discussion of the issue (not the AfriNIC proposal,
> but the shutdown issue itself) is scheduled for an upcoming UN meeting:
>     https://www.accessnow.org/united-nations-event-explore-ways-
> stop-internet-shutdowns/
> So, putting aside the question of whether AfriNIC policy is the place to
> finally enact a change, I think it’s been incredibly valuable to have the
> conversation, and that having the conversation has drawn favorable
> attention to the fact that Africa has an active Internet governance
> policymaking body.
>                                 -Bill
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