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Sunday Folayan sfolayan at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 18:27:29 UTC 2017

Dear Mr Alston,

Thank you very much for your email and the requests therein. I shall 
consult with the Board and revert.

I will get back to you with appropriate time lines, if applicable, 
within the next 90 days.



On 22/07/2017 06:11, Andrew Alston wrote:
> Dear Mr Folayan, Chair of the AfriNIC Board,
> Firstly, I acknowledge the time frames given on other issues raised on 
> this list and I thank you for those – I eagerly await those responses.
> Further to that – there are several outstanding queries that have been 
> raised that have either not been responded to or no time frames given, 
> though this possibly my fault since maybe the requests were buried in 
> other emails and not clearly stated – so I’m putting these requests in 
> point form as well.
> a.)Is the board prepared to publish minutes of the board sub-committee 
> meetings in line with the NCCG recommendations
> b.)Is the board prepared to publish the full audit-co report which was 
> referenced in various minutes
> c.)Is the board prepared to publish quarterly financial reports to the 
> community so that all financial analysis does not have to be done 
> immediately prior to an SGMM/AGMM
> d.)Is the board prepared to commit to providing this community with 
> reports from any member of the board attending conferences on 
> AFRINIC’s behalf as to what was done at the meeting and the advantage 
> of having the board member there – this is simply so that we know that 
> members money that is spent on travel expenses is being spent in a 
> justifiable manner. (As a note – I am more than happy to provide this 
> community with a full report from the RIPE trip that I took earlier 
> this year that details exactly what was done there if so desired)
> e.)Can the board provide this community with an explanation as to the 
> requirements for financial transparency for organizations that AFRINIC 
> provides funds for
> f.)In the event that there are no requirements – will the board be 
> prepared to implement such requirements – so that the community can be 
> assured that money given to organizations is being used for correct 
> purpose.
> g.)The board committed to a response on potential violations of 
> section 143 of the companies act – can we get a time frame as to when 
> this response will be forthcoming.
> I thank you in advance for your anticipated response.
> Yours Sincerely
> Andrew Alston
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