[Community-Discuss] Outstanding Requests

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Sat Jul 22 05:11:23 UTC 2017

Dear Mr Folayan, Chair of the AfriNIC Board,

Firstly, I acknowledge the time frames given on other issues raised on this list and I thank you for those – I eagerly await those responses.

Further to that – there are several outstanding queries that have been raised that have either not been responded to or no time frames given, though this possibly my fault since maybe the requests were buried in other emails and not clearly stated – so I’m putting these requests in point form as well.

a.)     Is the board prepared to publish minutes of the board sub-committee meetings in line with the NCCG recommendations

b.)     Is the board prepared to publish the full audit-co report which was referenced in various minutes

c.)     Is the board prepared to publish quarterly financial reports to the community so that all financial analysis does not have to be done immediately prior to an SGMM/AGMM

d.)     Is the board prepared to commit to providing this community with reports from any member of the board attending conferences on AFRINIC’s behalf as to what was done at the meeting and the advantage of having the board member there – this is simply so that we know that members money that is spent on travel expenses is being spent in a justifiable manner. (As a note – I am more than happy to provide this community with a full report from the RIPE trip that I took earlier this year that details exactly what was done there if so desired)

e.)     Can the board provide this community with an explanation as to the requirements for financial transparency for organizations that AFRINIC provides funds for

f.)      In the event that there are no requirements – will the board be prepared to implement such requirements – so that the community can be assured that money given to organizations is being used for correct purpose.

g.)     The board committed to a response on potential violations of section 143 of the companies act – can we get a time frame as to when this response will be forthcoming.

I thank you in advance for your anticipated response.

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Alston

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