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Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Tue Jul 11 14:39:28 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I decided to post this, because I am getting more and more confused by this community every day.

  1.  This community cried for transparency - in response - they got the board minutes.  As I have pointed out in previous emails - those minutes do not contain all the information - and in fact, under the Mauritian code of corporate governance, the minutes of committee meetings should also be published to create full transparency which is not happening.  I have raised this on the list - the community has remained silent - this makes me question if it was really transparency this community was looking for - or was it ammunition for perceived wrongs in the past?
  2.  This community is confronted with legal opinion - that clearly and demonstrably shows that policy proposals put the organisation at risk - yet members of this community continue to insist we ignore those concerns and proceed anyway - in what would be a direct violation of the directors fiduciary duties were they to pass it, yet the same community insisted on the creation of a governance committee to ensure that AfriNIC was acting within the bounds of solid corporate governance - this is a contradiction in terms
  3.  In the Mauritian meeting - the community was faced with 20 special resolutions - they chose to vote against the vast majority of those - despite having it clearly explained that those resolutions were largely tabled after a review about areas that need to be fixed.
     *   To illustrate this point - one of those resolutions would have bound a sitting director to returning his company membership when his directorship expired - and while this was standard practice, the voting down of this special resolution has now created a serious problem - should a director leaving the board refuse to return his company membership - there is now a vote - from this community - affirming the fact that he has no obligation to do so.  In effective - voting that down legitimized a director holding onto his registered membership status into perpetuity.  I might point out that the rights and powers of a registered member also *FAR* outstrip the actual legal rights of any normal member.
  4.  For years I sat and watched this community attack the board over the financials - yet - now - when questions are asked specifically for detailed information that is highly relevant to the organisations financials - the same people who attacked for so long - sit silent and have not a word to say - again - is this because they weren't actually after financial transparency and were simply looking for ammunition?  Or is there another reason for it?

Basically - what I see is various members of this community that want to make selective demands on the company and the board - when it suits them - when they need ammunition for whatever agenda they are pursuing - but once that agenda fades - they go completely silent.

What I am saying is - if we want a fully functional RIR and a board that is subject to this community who elects them  - the only way we can do that is to be consistent with our message and communicate clearly and without ambiguity - rather than simply sending our messages when it suits us.

Really - I am deeply confused by what I am seeing from members of this community - and I'd really like to better understand it.


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