[Community-Discuss] Draft Procedure for Removal of an NRO NC/ASO AC Member

Sylvain BAYA abscoco at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 15:05:45 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Please, my comment is below.

Le 22/11/2017 à 12:55, AFRINIC Communications a écrit :
> Dear AFRINIC Community,
> The Board has noted that there is no procedure for the removal of an
> NRO NC/ASO AC member.  The Board has drafted a procedure to be
> considered for addition to the election guidelines at
> <https://www.afrinic.net/en/community/elections/nro-aso-election?showall=1>.
> The Board calls for comments for a 30 day period (ending on 22
> December 2017).  Please comment in the community-discuss mailing list.

I think that, we need a rule to, at least, permit to that NRO NC/ASO AC
member to make his own defence or to withdraw by himself. Also note that
a withdrawal is the simplest way of removal in any position ;-)

Trying to add it, please consider the following lines :


9.6  After receiving a petition for the removal of an NRO NC/ASO AC
member, the Board *should* insert the point in the next Board's meeting ;

 (a) Prior to make further investigations, the Board *must* listen to
that NRO NC/ASO AC member to get his position ;

 (b) The withdrawal of that NRO NC/ASO AC member is sufficient to stop
the process at any step, unless if there are legal issues out of
AFRINIC's authority ;

 (c) After a formal removal or a withdrawal of a NRO NC/ASO AC member,
the Board *must* organize the election of the new NRO NC/ASO AC member,
following the existing procedure ;





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> The draft procedure appears below.
> Alan Barrett
> ——
> The Board proposes the following procedure, to be considered for
> addition to the election guidelines at:
> <https://www.afrinic.net/en/community/elections/nro-aso-election?showall=1>
> 9. Removal
> 9.1 An NRO NC member appointed by the AFRINIC Board may be removed
> from office at any time by a resolution of the Board.
> 9.2 An NRO NC member elected by the AFRINIC community may be removed
> from office through any of the following methods:
> (a) A supermajority vote (two-thirds) of the AFRINIC Board, meeting in
> person or via teleconference, at a meeting where the agenda circulated
> in advance includes the possible removal of an NRO NC representative.
> (b) A majority vote held by the community present at an AFRINIC Public
> Policy Meeting.
> 9.3 An individual whose removal is contemplated in terms of 9.2 is
> entitled to at least 10 calendar days’ notice of the meeting, and may
> appear before and be heard at such a meeting. Removal may proceed with
> or without such individual’s presence at the meeting.
> 9.4 Any ten (10) bona fide members of the AFRINIC community may
> petition the Board to initiate a removal in terms of 9.2(b), giving at
> least 40 days’ notice and giving reasons for the contemplated removal.
> Such petition shall be published. Unless the Board finds that the
> petition is invalid or frivolous, the Board shall ensure that the
> agenda of the forthcoming Public Policy Meeting includes the
> consideration of the removal of the NRO NC member.
> 9.5 Eligibility to vote for the removal in terms of 9.2(b) shall be
> determined in the same way as the eligibility to vote for the
> appointment of candidates.
> ——
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