[Community-Discuss] "Fighting Internet Shutdown" - Any Role for AFRINIC?

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Sat Apr 15 21:01:27 UTC 2017

Hi Ish,
At 11:46 15-04-2017, Ish Sookun wrote:
>Are you referring to the tweet?


>On the ISOC member portal the Mauritius chapter is just a phone number,
>nothing more. There is no information about other members or a
>president. I see no ISOC activity in Mauritius. I read that you
>participated in a Mauritius chapter meeting in 2011. I do not know if
>there were meetings afterward.

That meeting was held because the local chapter 
was dormant.  I don't know what the local chapter has been doing since then.

>In the previous email Alan Barett talked about the dual mandate of
>AFRINIC; one of which is « to promote the development of the Internet ».
>Is there any organization that promotes the development of the Internet
>in Mauritius?

Afrinic has done some training Mauritius as part 
of the mandate.  There are issues related to the 
internet.  Is your question about that?

S. Moonesamy

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