[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] Matters Arising - Further clarification

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Fri Sep 30 18:26:54 UTC 2016

On 30 Sep 2016 09:20, "Sunday Folayan" <sfolayan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Abel, Noah and Members,
> The Board met on 10th August 2016 and I tabled the matter as promised.
> A resolution was voted upon,

Hello Sunday,

JB is right. The update on the weblink doesnt show this specific matter as
having been discussed and a resolution voted upon.

I only see resolutions that were voted upon to be the below which none even
talks about this issue.

August 2016
Resolution 201608.294
Resolution 201608.295
Resolution 201608.296
Resolution 201608.297
Resolution 201608.298
Resolution 201608.299

> However, the summary of the outcome of the Board discussion about the
subject matter is that there was not enough votes to appoint Mr Ntege to
the CoE at this time.

So this is confusing and kind of misleadind now.

> Best Regards ...
> Sunday.

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