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Fri Sep 16 11:17:36 UTC 2016


Maybe it’s time for me to be bluntly honest and open.  Because yes, my sarcasm is not becoming, but I am beyond frustrated and tired of what I see on this list.

It is hypocrisy in the extreme to read from certain individuals whining about other people not meeting deadlines considering their past track records.  It is up to individuals to figure out if they figure into this category or not.

It is hypocrisy in the extreme from people to sit on this list and cry about process and adherence to it when I see constant violations of it from the floor by the same people, who have never bothered to read the processes that govern the various forums they participate in.

It is hypocrisy in the extreme that people talk about accountability and about governance without bothering to understand the actual processes and governance that already exists.  

If people wish to talk about accountability and governance and timing – a.) look at your own track records b.) start behaving within the bounds of defined process c.) stop crying about what others say and actually say things that are productive and contribute d.) contribute something to the organization rather than believing that your only contribution is to attack those that are contributing their time and effort to this organization.

If this email doesn’t apply to you – so be it, please ignore it, if however you feel it does, that is your choice to make and you can take it to heart or fight it.

I’m kinda beyond caring at the pettiness I see on here – and while I am sleep deprived, at least if I continue to read the same boring attacks on those who are attempting to do things they will sooner or later put me to sleep

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On 16/09/2016, 1:56 PM, "Jackson Muthili" <jacksonmuthi at gmail.com> wrote:

    On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 1:39 PM, Andrew Alston
    <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com> wrote:
    > Thanks Jackson for your permission for me to speak, its hugely appreciated.
    > Anyway, I'm off to have a nice drink and worry about things that actually matter :)
    On a more serious note :- yes theres freedom of speech and expression.
    Let this not be freedom of abuse and mocking others.
    Let us exercise good judgement and not underestimate power of words.
    Words can incite immense hatred, violence, or utter and extreme peace
    and harmony. Dont ridicule with anger just because someone disagrees
    with you ideologically on an issue. Dont raise your voice and gesture
    with anger and disgust over a trivial matter that can be solved with
    simple, respectful and harmonious dialogue. However much smarter you
    think you are than the individual(s) you are dialoguing with.
    You see when you mock, insult and belittle someone under the guise of
    freedom of expression, that person and all of his/her friends
    colleagues and sympathizers might behave the same towards you. And
    yours likewise. And the community will NEVER converge on issues of
    mutual benefit.
    Enjoy your weekend and take it easy on that nice drink ;-)
    > Andrew
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    > On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 12:51 PM, Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com> wrote:
    >> It also worries me that people seem to restrict what OTHERS say.
    >> If Owen feels like he wishes to comment on something – he is as free
    >> to do so as anyone here is free to say anything.
    > Has anyone restricted or stopped another from expressing themselves?
    >> Why do you wish to censor some members of the community?  If you don’t
    >> like what they say – feel free to ignore it.
    > I agree. Just as Alan has chosen to ignore Badrus emails.
    >> It’s the same way it annoys me when people come to the floor in a PDP
    > There you go. It annoys you. And that's why others have always let you stand in the meeting and belittle and disparage others you dont like or agree with. its a free world after all.
    >> Ignoring the process that specifically lays out a way things are
    >> supposed to go.
    >> Here is a big hint – don’t like something, you’re free to ignore it,
    >> or, in this case, free to bitch and whine about it – but honestly,
    >> whining about things because you don’t like what someone says without
    >> adding anything constructive to the debate just indicates a level of
    >> insecurity and is pretty boring.
    >> And well – that’s me exercising my freedom of speech and if you don’t
    >> what I’ve said here, you’re free to ignore it, or whine some more, not
    >> like it makes a difference to me.
    > Exactly my point. Speak up freely. You are even free to abuse the docility of a community and belittle them as you wish. After all, you are exercising your freedom of speech.
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