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On 13/11/2016 17:13, Noah wrote:
> On 13 Nov 2016 16:44, "Alan Barrett" <alan.barrett at afrinic.net
> <mailto:alan.barrett at afrinic.net>> wrote:
>> If you are merely looking for diversity, then as I said in another
> message, experience and skill are also important and I believe that the
> voters are quite capable of making such decisions at election time,
> without being forced by the bylaws.
> Diversity and inclusiveness... as I dont think we luck experienced and
> skillful folk in each country or sub-region.
>> >
>> In my opinion, directors should never “represent” sub-regions,
> countries, or organisations; they merely reside in sub-regions or
> countries, and work for organisations.  Once they are appointed or
> elected, they should act in the best interests of AFRINIC as a whole,
> not in the narrow interests of their employer, country, or sub-region.
> Obviously but yet the norm is each sub-region, country or organisation
> will have some folk nominated to represent that constituence during
> elections.
> There is no doubt that their fundamental mandate is AFRINICs best
> interest but diversity is key.

Another option would be some form of proportional representation -
similar to how some governments work - the more members (eligible
voters) in a subregion - the more seats they can have from their
subregion - ie follow the (income) money. Statistically, subregions with
higher numbers of members will have a higher degree of diversity.

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