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Writing as myself,

Without answering for Alan, and purely writing this because to my knowledge the only attempt at a bylaw change under the current bylaws was made by myself in Tunis,

My understanding (and using the process that I used last time to propose and attempt bylaw changes, and following the bylaws as they stand)

a.)     Someone proposes a bylaw change (They must be a member, section 12.14.ii)

b.)     It goes out with the notice of meeting at either an SGMM or an AGMM (Section 12.14.iii -> Section 12.14.iv)

c.)     The motion that goes out with the notice of SGMM/AGMM may NOT be changed on the floor – it may be discussed but it is fixed other than for potential typo corrections etc (This is derived from section 12.14 as well, since you are voting on what has been sent to the members)

d.)     A ballot is called on the floor in the same way an election ballot is called – members can vote, via the same means as an election ballot (electronically, by proxy, or directly) (Section 12.11 applies, since it is a special resolution as per section 7.6 vi)

e.)     Vote requires a 75% majority to pass or the motion fails (Definition section, 1.1, under the definition of special resolution)

Alan can correct me if I’m wrong on any of these points



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On 10 Jun 2016 13:22, "Alan Barrett" <alan.barrett at afrinic.net<mailto:alan.barrett at afrinic.net>> wrote:
> Arising from a review of AFRINIC’s Bylaws and other documents, several potential areas for improvement were identified.
> The attached document was presented to the AFRINIC Membership and the community during the AGMM in Gaborone, Botswana, on 9 June 2016.
> I invite the community and the membership to comment on these suggestions, or any other areas where the Bylaws could be improved.  Comments should be sent to the community-discuss at afrinic.net<mailto:community-discuss at afrinic.net> mailing list.  In due course, Bylaws changes will be drafted to implement the suggestions (and additional points that might be identified).

Hi Alan,

I have gone through the document but before I can add my comments, do we know or have an overall process to follow for the bylaws changes?

Basically, what is the overall process for the bylaws changes?

> Alan Barrett

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