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speaking from an end-user perspective :)

Some months ago on afripv6-discuss [1] I was talking about our small
network reachable through v6 tunnel while waiting our ISP (CAMTEL,
AS15964) terminate v6 routing.

Since 3 days, we are able to communicate with the internet using native
v6 address.
If they configure the reverse DNS, I will be more than happy to give
native v6 address to our main servers (especially the smtp server).
Some users network are working through dual-stack. It works fine.
I also request v6 routing on one another site in Cameroon.

In order to achieve that (in my context at least) : self commitment, lot
of advocacy at various stage,level and most important being able to play
don't activate, we don't pay; even worse we will move on".
It's been 10 years since CAMTEL has been allocated v6 prefix. I may be
wrong but it was not really use since that period. We constrain them to
deploy it and they make it happen.

While doing that I hope more netadministrators (ESPECIALLY IN
UNIVERSITIES) will request v6 too in my country.
When you ask to some people,entities (in Cameroon): «why don't you
deploy v6 on your network ?»; the answer is : either «it's up to $ISP to
deploy first, then I will follow» or «I do not see the needs; Why do I
need to let people use globally routable address ?»
No one want to start with at least a concrete transition plan.

Frankly speaking, I can't talk for the professionnal area but
universities have *no excuses* to not use IPv6 at all. Courses,
researchs related to internet protocol should be based on v6 . Thus it
will help if network are running on v6.

At last, we should repeat it everytime : "stop (or at least reduce)
using NAT". Period.

P.S : by the way I hope that for 2017, training team will give
priorities to local hosts who are using v6 (even through tunnel) ;)

1. https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/afripv6-discuss/2016/002047.html

Willy Ted MANGA
Responsable Technique Régional | BACGL
irc freenode : ongolaboy

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