[Community-Discuss] v6 finally working from Cameroon and more

Stephen Honlue stephen.honlue at afrinic.net
Sat Dec 3 14:49:50 UTC 2016

Hi @Willy,

That is good, I hope others will follow, firstly the Universities as you
said, consider talking to them individually(we can make a plan), to my
knowledge, all of them are connected via Camtel, and some are even

Camtel should also strategise to push v6 to customers, because most of
these clients do not care, they just want Facebook to be accessible.

Again, good work, and I think, @AFRINICtraning should give priority to
those not having v6 yet, so as to get them on board :)


On 03/12/2016 14:39, Willy MANGA wrote:
> Hi,
> speaking from an end-user perspective :)
> Some months ago on afripv6-discuss [1] I was talking about our small
> network reachable through v6 tunnel while waiting our ISP (CAMTEL,
> AS15964) terminate v6 routing.
> Since 3 days, we are able to communicate with the internet using native
> v6 address.
> If they configure the reverse DNS, I will be more than happy to give
> native v6 address to our main servers (especially the smtp server).
> Some users network are working through dual-stack. It works fine.
> I also request v6 routing on one another site in Cameroon.
> In order to achieve that (in my context at least) : self commitment, lot
> of advocacy at various stage,level and most important being able to play
> don't activate, we don't pay; even worse we will move on".
> It's been 10 years since CAMTEL has been allocated v6 prefix. I may be
> wrong but it was not really use since that period. We constrain them to
> deploy it and they make it happen.
> While doing that I hope more netadministrators (ESPECIALLY IN
> UNIVERSITIES) will request v6 too in my country.
> When you ask to some people,entities (in Cameroon): «why don't you
> deploy v6 on your network ?»; the answer is : either «it's up to $ISP to
> deploy first, then I will follow» or «I do not see the needs; Why do I
> need to let people use globally routable address ?»
> No one want to start with at least a concrete transition plan.
> Frankly speaking, I can't talk for the professionnal area but
> universities have *no excuses* to not use IPv6 at all. Courses,
> researchs related to internet protocol should be based on v6 . Thus it
> will help if network are running on v6.
> At last, we should repeat it everytime : "stop (or at least reduce)
> using NAT". Period.
> P.S : by the way I hope that for 2017, training team will give
> priorities to local hosts who are using v6 (even through tunnel) ;)
> 1. https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/afripv6-discuss/2016/002047.html
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