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My +1 to option A. I also agree with the CEO appointing the staff member.


On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 8:15 PM, Alan Barrett <alan.barrett at afrinic.net>

> Dear AFRINIC Community,
> As part of the ongoing IANA oversight transition, the CRISP Team proposed
> that the RIRs should set up a Review Committee to review the performance of
> the IANA Numbering Services Operator.
> See
> https://www.nro.net/wp-content/uploads/Review-Committee-Charter_FINALclean.pdf
> for the charter of the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee.
> Note that each of the five RIRs will need to appoint three members of the
> Review Committee.  Here are some relevant sections from the Charter:
> > 4. The Review Committee will comprise 15 members, constituted by:
> >
> > (a)  two community appointees from each RIR region (who must not be RIR
> staff); and
> >
> > (b)  one RIR staff from the region (who will be a non-voting member).
> >
> > 5. Each RIR shall appoint its Review Committee members by a method of
> its own choosing.
> >
> > 6. Each RIR shall determine the term of appointment for its Review
> Committee members.
> Now we need to figure out a procedure for AFRINIC to appoint the two
> community members and one staff member.
> For the RIR staff member appointed to the Review Committee:  I propose
> that the CEO should appoint a staff member.
> For the two community appointees, the following ideas come readily to mind:
> A: The same two community members who are already elected to the
> NRO-NC/ASO-AC should automatically be appointed to the IANA Numbering
> Services Review Committee, in such a way that the same people always serve
> both roles.
> B: We could have another election process, almost identical to the
> election process for the community representatives on the NRO-NC/ASO-AC,
> but with separate candidates and separate votes.  (Representatives are
> elected to staggered three-year terms.)
> C: We could do something different.
> In the interests of simplicity, I suggest that we choose option A, with
> the same people automatically serving on both the NRO-NC/ASO-AC and the
> IANA Numbering Services Review Committee.
> This should be a community decision, so I invite discussion.  Note that
> any decision we make now can be changed in the future.
> Alan Barrett
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