[Community-Discuss] IANA Numbering Services Review Committee appointment

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Fri Nov 6 11:15:59 UTC 2015

Dear AFRINIC Community,

As part of the ongoing IANA oversight transition, the CRISP Team proposed that the RIRs should set up a Review Committee to review the performance of the IANA Numbering Services Operator.

See https://www.nro.net/wp-content/uploads/Review-Committee-Charter_FINALclean.pdf for the charter of the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee.

Note that each of the five RIRs will need to appoint three members of the Review Committee.  Here are some relevant sections from the Charter:

> 4. The Review Committee will comprise 15 members, constituted by:
> (a)  two community appointees from each RIR region (who must not be RIR staff); and
> (b)  one RIR staff from the region (who will be a non-voting member).
> 5. Each RIR shall appoint its Review Committee members by a method of its own choosing.
> 6. Each RIR shall determine the term of appointment for its Review Committee members.

Now we need to figure out a procedure for AFRINIC to appoint the two community members and one staff member.

For the RIR staff member appointed to the Review Committee:  I propose that the CEO should appoint a staff member.

For the two community appointees, the following ideas come readily to mind:

A: The same two community members who are already elected to the NRO-NC/ASO-AC should automatically be appointed to the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee, in such a way that the same people always serve both roles.

B: We could have another election process, almost identical to the election process for the community representatives on the NRO-NC/ASO-AC, but with separate candidates and separate votes.  (Representatives are elected to staggered three-year terms.)

C: We could do something different.

In the interests of simplicity, I suggest that we choose option A, with the same people automatically serving on both the NRO-NC/ASO-AC and the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee.

This should be a community decision, so I invite discussion.  Note that any decision we make now can be changed in the future.

Alan Barrett

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