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Ernest Byaruhanga (AfriNIC) ernest at afrinic.net
Tue Jun 26 11:31:57 SAST 2007

hi Jean Robert,

> -1. investigate tools and techniques to mitigate the sending and 
> effects of spam. The focus will be to underline the approaches that
> can be defined, deployed and used by addressing spam in the continent
> taking in considerations the particular aspects. This mean to look on
> tools and techniques include those to prevent spam from being sent, to
> prevent spam from being received, to distinguish spam from legitimate
> mail, to facilitate management responses to spam activity, and to
> ensure that legitimate mail is delivered in the presence of other
> anti-spam measures.

Ok, so - you are talking about developing fresh new spam-fighting tools
(based on existing methods), like spamassasin, or researching into new
*methods* of fighting spam (a method, say, greylisting), or both?

> -2 To share information among African Internet Service Providers, 
> Networks and servers operators about filters and other anti-spam
> tools, those to help african network managers identify and deal with
> sources of spam on their networks, and codification of best current
> practices in spam management

>From what i get, some kind of WiKI with documentation on various
spam-fighting technics?

> -3 To develop a 'Code of Conduct' to which Networks and servers 
> operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) might agree to adhere.

This could be something quite hard to do...

> -5 To look on the possibility to have some RBL related to AFRICA  and 
> how to feed them

I think No.5 is a good point.

(fyi - we receive many abuse related emails from ISPs that want to filter
ranges allocated to certain countries). If there was a reliable RBL that
is maintained by an African entity, some 'non-African' operators may
trust it, you never know!


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