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Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY-ISERVICES hrobert at iservices.tg
Wed Jun 27 00:47:58 SAST 2007

Hi Ernest

> Ok, so - you are talking about developing fresh new spam-fighting tools
> (based on existing methods), like spamassasin, or researching into new
> *methods* of fighting spam (a method, say, greylisting), or both?

I am talking about taking in considerations the specifics aspect of the
african continents, we identified (lack of bandwidth, lcak of ressources
and look around existing spam fighting methods that exists and seeing which
of them can be the best for us.

> From what i get, some kind of WiKI with documentation on various
> spam-fighting technics?

May be. At this time every body is doing its own research.
People are doing a lot of things all over the world and day to day.
Added to that we have a various ways to do. People are not informed on what 
what is happening etc...
May be can we select some good ones and have in one place a link pointing to 
This can also be the outcome of the point 1.

> -3 To develop a 'Code of Conduct' to which Networks and servers
> operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) might agree to adhere.
> This could be something quite hard to do...

You r right. But may be we can come on some basics things. A kind of might 
We are DEMOCRATIC people so we are not forcing any body.
 I think people need help and some don't do because they don"t know they 
should or how to do it.
If they are aware that a spammer or an open relay in one way or another will 
get a complain from other ISP.
And if he doesn't do anything, the complain will go to Afrinic And their IP 
could be blocked, and their customers
will complain, and could cancel their contract because of that or this can 
be a serious handicap for their business ...

They will implement things ---

>> -5 To look on the possibility to have some RBL related to AFRICA  and
>> how to feed them
> I think No.5 is a good point.
> (fyi - we receive many abuse related emails from ISPs that want to filter
> ranges allocated to certain countries). If there was a reliable RBL that
> is maintained by an African entity, some 'non-African' operators may
> trust it, you never know!

Oh great see point 3. 

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