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Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY-ISERVICES hrobert at iservices.tg
Mon Jun 25 11:39:10 SAST 2007

Hi after all the imputs I will suggest that the list focused in these areas:

-1. investigate tools and techniques  to mitigate the sending and effects of 
spam. The focus will be to underline the approaches that can be defined,
deployed and used by addressing spam in the continent taking in 
considerations the particular aspects. This mean to look on tools and
techniques include those to prevent spam from being sent, to prevent spam 
from being received, to distinguish spam from legitimate mail, to facilitate
management responses to spam activity, and to ensure that legitimate mail is 
delivered in the presence of other anti-spam measures.

-2 To share information among African Internet Service Providers, Networks 
and servers operators about filters and other anti-spam tools,
those to help african network managers identify and deal with sources of 
spam on their networks, and codification of best current practices in spam

-3 To develop a 'Code of Conduct' to which Networks and servers operators 
and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) might agree to adhere.  This could
lead to the elaboration of a document each network operator can adopt as his 
will to make efforts to ensure that their customers are not responsible for
abuse of the network resources of others or that they would be prepared to 
take actions to combat network abuse..

-4 To take an active part on any Network and abuse issue or centre working 
on the African continent; or any initiative on the topic.

-5 To look on the possibility to have some RBL related to AFRICA  and how to 
feed them

Note: If we still agreed on the list that we don't need a SIG or a WG, we 
don't need a chair and them
I am resigning asking the list to nominate a moderator. (A list doesn't need 
a Chair but a moderator)

I am still convinced that the conclusion of our meeting in Abuja is to have 
a working Group and to carry out the work of that WG throught this list. 

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