[afrinic-anti-spam-discuss] step 1

Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY-ISERVICES hrobert at iservices.tg
Mon Jun 18 14:52:30 SAST 2007

We started discussing on the anti spam list few days ago.

Till now there are only few comment on the list.

The discussion around:

1. Having a mailling list or a SIG or WG

a- Some of us would like to see us moving to a WG
b- Others would like to stay a mailling list
c- a Third suggestion is to coninue discussions and after 30 days to
identify the key items and develop and objective or tor

----- It seems that the consensus is to start the discussions and to see 
later. Any comment?

2. As spam have several aspects have technical, legal,
administrative,cultural aspects and can cause severe technical and
operational problems to
network operators and users on which aspect are we working on?

- the suggestions we are having seems to trun around the technical aspect,

any other suggestion ?

3. Our actions?

In which directions are we going to lead discussions- to develop some kind 
of 'best practices' for our community w.r.t spam?
- is this something that is necessary, and in which case, we have a mandate 
to do

Your comments are welcome.

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