[AfriNIC-announce] AfriNIC Whois Database Changes - 4-byte ASN and DNSSEC support

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Sat May 12 14:04:42 SAST 2012

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> From: Yogesh Chadee <yogesh at afrinic.net>
> Subject: AfriNIC Whois Database Changes - 4-byte ASN and DNSSEC support 
> Date: May 11, 2012 3:34:58 PM GMT+04:00
> To: announce at afrinic.net
> Dear colleagues,
> We are pleased to announce that AfriNIC now supports exclusively
> 4-byte AS Numbers and shall not make any distinction between 2-byte
> only AS Numbers (ASDOT) and 4-byte only AS Numbers (ASPLAIN). As from
> now, AfriNIC will operate AS Number allocations from an
> undifferentiated 4-byte AS Number allocation pool. This feature has
> been implemented to be compliant with RFC5396 which deals with the
> Textual Representation of Autonomous System (AS) Numbers.
> More information can be obtained from:
> http://www.afrinic.net/docs/policies/AFPUB-2005-ASN-001.htm
> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5396
> Moreover, AfriNIC will soon activate DNSSEC support on its DNS
> infrastructure including the IANA delegated reverse zones we manage.
> We have therefore implemented the "ds-rdata" attribute in the DOMAIN
> object of the Whois database. This will allow members to publish
> Delegation Signer (DS) records to build the chain of trust for their
> RDNS zones.
> More information can be obtained from:
> http://www.afrinic.net/dnssec
> Kind regards,
> -------------------------
> Yogesh Chadee
> Software Engineer
> AfriNIC

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