[afripv6-discuss] We call it the "T ing'aTing'a" initiative

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Feb 21 22:35:45 SAST 2013

Hi Frank,
At 11:15 21-02-2013, Frank Habicht wrote:
>you mean someone should find a way to localising (v6) traffic....?

No.  Some ZA jokes cannot be deciphered. :-)

>who needs a tunnel provider in ZA?
>can't they get native transit?
>(i believe it's possible)

There may be premium charge for that.

>So, I want to compete with the Ting'a guys... anyone in TZ need v6?
>talk to me!!!

You are ahead of the curve. :-)

>PS: and if you still want to create a tunnel endpoint in TZ...
>well, we can give you native so the you can build your tunnels...



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