[afripv6-discuss] We call it the "T ing'aTing'a" initiative

Hisham hisham at afrinic.net
Thu Feb 21 21:58:02 SAST 2013

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On Feb 21, 2013, at 9:15 PM, Frank Habicht <geier at geier.ne.tz> wrote:
> you mean someone should find a way to localising (v6) traffic....?
> over a shared medium, where many can meet?
> wonder what Nishal thinks about that........

Yeah that would be crazy talk :p

Seriously though, I usually bump into Martin Levy from Hurricane electric during different IPv6 meetings. He likes building cool BGP maps based on routeviews and the Whois databases.

Other than a hand full of networks that peer over IPv6 mainly in southern and eastern Africa all our African IPv6 traffic is routed all the way up to Europe and back.

> Still:
> who needs a tunnel provider in ZA?
> can't they get native transit?
> (i believe it's possible)

ZA was our trial run, Nishal was able to put together the resources we needed and we managed to get the nod up and running quickly, he may choose to add more info on this.

> or is this for end users? But Hisham said " to any member "....

actually my hand stopped as I was typing member :)

My point here was that we are mainly trying to go after end sites,

home users are not our main target with this project, even though I think we have 1 home user.

We have not so far denied a request from a non member based on that fact.

> So, I want to compete with the Ting'a guys... anyone in TZ need v6?
> talk to me!!!

That is perfect :)

I would like to see more ISPs doing the same locally,

Like I stated before, we do not operate a transit network,

So if this inspires local operators to do the same then we have succeeded in our goals. 
> Frank
> PS: and if you still want to create a tunnel endpoint in TZ...
> well, we can give you native so the you can build your tunnels...


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