[afripv6-discuss] We call it the "T ing'aTing'a" initiative

Frank Habicht geier at geier.ne.tz
Thu Feb 21 21:15:51 SAST 2013

On 2/21/2013 8:17 PM, SM wrote:
> Hi Nishal,
> At 06:08 21-02-2013, Nishal Goburdhan wrote:
>> so, if you were in EG, and wrote to AfriNIC asking for a tunnel (to our
>> current ops centre in ZA) we'd politely point you to one of the existing
>> tunnelbroker services that are closer to your region, or, keep you on
>> hold, while we found a partner in your area, so as to minimise your
>> latency to services in your area.  you would *not* get a tunnel from EG
>> to ZA.  we'd want you to get the best possible IPv6 experience...
> There is some humor in the above. :-)

you mean someone should find a way to localising (v6) traffic....?
over a shared medium, where many can meet?
wonder what Nishal thinks about that........

who needs a tunnel provider in ZA?
can't they get native transit?
(i believe it's possible)
or is this for end users? But Hisham said " to any member "....

So, I want to compete with the Ting'a guys... anyone in TZ need v6?
talk to me!!!


PS: and if you still want to create a tunnel endpoint in TZ...
well, we can give you native so the you can build your tunnels...

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