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I am very impressed.


This puts some music in the house J




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Interesting idea and I think AFRINIC has a program called Tinga-Tinga 
that aims at that (a tunnelling node currently deployed in South Africa). 
I guess Hisham and Nishal who are leading that project can tell the 
list more about it. 


As a matter of fact we do,


So some of you may have already heard of AFRINIC's Tinga Tinga project, 


Ting'aTing'a is the swahili word for Tunnel. 


As part of its Ting'aTing'a initiative, AFRINIC will act as a free tunnel
broker to any member in its service region that is interested in testing and
experimenting with IPv6.


The end-sites subscribing to the Tunnel Broker will subscribe for a "Testing
Phase" connection, meaning the connection will be established for a certain
period of time only whereby if the subscriber 


exceeds a certain predefined limit of bandwidth, the Tunnel Broker will
automatically notify them via email informing him that they have passed the
"Testing Phase" limit and that they are encourage to 


move into production mode.


A list of the nearest IPv6 capable LIRs/ISPs participating in the Tunnel
initiative will be sent to the subscriber so that they could continue
getting their IPv6 connectivity from whomever they see fit for the 


task on a paid-for basis.


It is important to understand that AFRINIC does not operate a transit
network, and therefore cannot provide full-time and/or long-term transit


The goal of the local tunnel-broker service is to encourage local use of
IPv6 while not being disadvantaged by not having quick access to local


We have a node up in running in ZA, with IPv6 bandwidth donated by Internet
Solutions and Neotel, we have a number of tunnels set up and currently
managed by Nishal and the tech team at 




We have a second node now deployed in KE - IXP, that should be up and
running soon.


Our Comms team are working on creating a user interface form you can use to
request the tunnel of the website, but till then these tunnels can be
requested by dropping me an email.


Also if you are interested in partnering in the project by donating IPv6
capable gear, IPv6 bandwidth, hosting faculties to start a Tinga TInga node
in your country / sub region, please let e know so that 


we can wouk out a deployment plan as well.  




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