Re: [afripv6-discuss] We call it the “Ting’aTing’a” initiative

Nishal Goburdhan ndg at
Thu Feb 21 16:08:27 SAST 2013

On 21 Feb 2013, at 3:26 PM, Hisham Ibrahim <hisham at> wrote:

>> Interesting idea and I think AFRINIC has a program called Tinga-Tinga 
>> that aims at that (a tunnelling node currently deployed in South Africa). 
>> I guess Hisham and Nishal who are leading that project can tell the 
>> list more about it. 
> As a matter of fact we do,
> So some of you may have already heard of AFRINIC's Tinga Tinga project, 

this time i guess i should declare:  <with AfriNIC hat>.

what we found was that, in ZA, for example, there were operators setting up tunnels after our training sessions, and then not using them because of the latencies involved in getting to other local operators.  because the trusted tunnel operators were all outside of our region, getting across town meant routing to europe and back.  which, is obviously just bad form.  so it was imperative to us, that ting'ating'a try to solve the latency issue.  we're doing that by limiting who can request a tunnel (for now) - and where that tunnel will terminate.

so, if you were in EG, and wrote to AfriNIC asking for a tunnel (to our current ops centre in ZA) we'd politely point you to one of the existing tunnelbroker services that are closer to your region, or, keep you on hold, while we found a partner in your area, so as to minimise your latency to services in your area.  you would *not* get a tunnel from EG to ZA.  we'd want you to get the best possible IPv6 experience...

that's the essential difference between ting'ating'a and the other tunnel-broker services out there.

/hat, and pardon the mail alias.


(if you're reading this, and you're an operator in central, northern, or west africa and want to get involved in helping your region, please send mail to hisham).  

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