[afripv6-discuss] What have you done for IPv6 lately, since the 1st of January, 2013?

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There are sadly other realities to consider (and no, I am not supporting the
position of those who do not deploy v6, as everyone knows I am extremely pro
the deployment).

The reality though is that a lot of ISP's in Africa rely on certain
technologies to keep things functioning, and those technologies are simply
very immature in v6 land.  This HAS to change.

For example:

IPS in the v6 world is severely lacking
Layer 7 traffic shaping/analysis in the v6 world is severely lacking 
LDP6 is still not there that I have seen

(These aren't the only things, but they are the ones I run into most

There are a host of technologies that we desperately need to get in place to
make v4 and v6 equivalent from an ISP perspective and it shocks me that this
is taking so long.  I mean, for those of us that deploy v6 even in campus
environments, some of these technologies that are missing are causing
serious issues, we are finding ways to work AROUND them, but it does make
the decision and the rationalization of going v6 that much harder. 

Making the case for v6 is something that needs work, no question about it,
even though to a lot of us its self-explanatory (v4 is finished, deal with
it,  move on), but when you have to in the same sentence turn around and go
"but implementing it, you're gonna lose the following functionality, and
open the following security risks that we don't have a way to address yet"
certainly doesn't help, and I would argue that it would be irresponsible NOT
to address those concerns with anyone looking at IPv6, since people need the
complete picture when making a decision.

Just my thoughts.


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On Feb 19, 2013, at 4:07 PM, Carlos M. martinez wrote:

> Hello Hisham,
> I firmly believe that the urgency of the situation hasn't permeated 
> fully to the upper layers of management.

That is why we started since AFRINIC-15 in 2011 in Cameroon and IPv6 for
Managers track. 

Non tech high level that starts with what is meant with Internet Number
Resources all they way to why you as a manger need to start working on
getting IPv6 today. 

That track is still offered during the AFRINIC meetings, as well as some
trainings (per request).

We also made a spin off of it and called it "IPv6 for decision makers",
addressed mainly to governments and regulators.

And while these tracks are highly appraised, I still do not see the change I
would have hoped for.

This is why I am asking the list, what do you think is missing? or is it
just a matter of time so we just kick back, wait for the v4 space to run out
then tell them "we told you so"?? 

> I'm not sure if they realize that they will have to spend money in the 
> next few years, whether they like it or not, be it CGNs or IPv6.

We run a NO NAT module during out INRM trainings, as well as our IPv6 for
decision makers.

And again they walk out of the room convinced, NATIVE v6 is the way to go,
but still we end up having these catch 22 conversations. 

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