[afripv6-discuss] What have you done for IPv6 lately, since the 1st of January, 2013?

Carlos Friacas cfriacas at fccn.pt
Wed Feb 20 13:55:13 SAST 2013

On Tue, 19 Feb 2013, Hisham Ibrahim wrote:

> while we still here are just happy by turning on v6 advertisements at 
>the core (that is if we do that) and not even have plans to go to the end 
> users, even in a few years like Carlos said before?

(This is another Carlos, from Europe)

Turning the v6 advertisements is very important. It's infrastructure that 
will be used later on, a missing piece of the puzzle that can easily be 

Moving to IPv6 will not happen overnight. The pressure caused by the lack 
of IPv4 addresses is different in every environment (network). So you need 
to have the basics in place, to immediately make some use of it when 
others decide to do something.

> Do they not understand the importance, do not see the need to rush, I 
> won't say do not have the funds because they do, are they still trying 
> to find a ROI??

For me, the real ROI is the ability to keep growing in terms of customers.

We've been doing IPv6 for about a decade and only recently we hit about 3% 
of traffic in IPv6 against 97% of traffic in IPv4 (both in average and 
peak values).

And we know the above numbers wouldn't be possible if Google didn't start 
enabling some of their portfolio. The key here is really global 
cooperation. My IPv6 traffic levels will only rise if both content 
providers and 'eyeballs' networks also start doing it around the world.

We still have a long road to go (here too, more than half of my network 
members don't even have an IPv6 gateway i can ping), and we need more 
training and more people in key positions moving to a new mindset.

We're building a new, better Internet, but this is a complex and long task 
that also needs some (more) money involved.

Carlos Friacas

> Hisham
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