[afripv6-discuss] A note about Yahoo

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Feb 14 08:57:12 SAST 2013

Hi Daniel,
At 19:41 13-02-2013, Daniel Shaw wrote:
>Right. But therein lies the rub. IF. Finding the right people to ask 
>is not always at all easy.


I mentioned a problem with about a well-known ".mil" 
operation.  There was a response within a few hours.  I mentioned a 
problem accessing www.afnog.org over IPv6 on 11 January on a mailing 
list for the African Network Operators Group.  There hasn't been any 
response up to now.

Andrew Alston mentioned that he "escalated this on behalf of one of the South
African universities 4 times now, and they themselves have attempted 
to escalate it as well".  Sometimes it is a little complicated.


P.S. If there are any eligible people with an afrinic.net email 
address, could you please tell them that I wish them a Happy 
Valentine's Day? :-) 

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