[afripv6-discuss] A note about Yahoo

Andrew Alston alston.networks at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 05:56:16 SAST 2013

I have to agree with David on this one.

A little history here, this problem came to my attention months ago, it's
been going on for a long long time.

We attempted to contact their support on and off for the better part of a
month.  The best reply we managed to get was "use ipv4.yahoo.com"

At this point I contacted someone else I know who WAS helpful (an internal
contact), and reported the issue via that means.  That individual then
escalated this internally and was told it would be sorted within days.  It
then took further escalation and the fact that it appeared on this list
where it was a public matter to get it resolved.  (No fault of the
individual I originally contacted, he didn't have the access to fix it, but
he did report it to the people who were meant to have the access).

If you can't rely on the standard published support channels and have to go
through contacts, it indicates something is broken in the process!


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> Hi John,
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>> So how does one go about getting Yahoo to fix it?
> The problem was a known issue.  If you ask the right people, they usually

Right. But therein lies the rub. IF. Finding the right people to ask is not
always at all easy._______________________________________________
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