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Hello Andrew,

Thanks for sharing this.

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 1:31 PM, Andrew Alston <alston.networks at gmail.com>wrote:

> **
> Basically though, they added quad-a DNS records to all of their servers.
> They then added the v6 addresses to their servers.  Only… they didn’t
> configure their webservers to actually display the pages via IPv6.

Looks to me like a project management problem - someone really didn't
clearly specify the goal "What does IPv6-enabled mean for these services?"
Similarly how that goal was tested wasn't incomplete - of course a ping to
that server would work, so would a DNS lookup (good for IPv6 Day stats),
but seems that "Ensure that HTTP requests can be served from the IPv6
addresses" was missing from the test specification.

> So, if you browsed via IPv6 their webservers came back with a nice “This
> page can’t be located” message.  Because the IPv6 connectivity itself
> worked, there was also no fallback to v4.****
> ** **
> So, we queried Yahoo via their standard support channels… and received the
> most bizarre response I have ever seen, that summarized said “We don’t
> support v6 on the frontend pages yet, we aren’t going to remove the
> quad-a’s, please tell your users to use ipv4.yahoo.com”

hmmmmm??  ipv6.example.com --- I can understand If they went to the effort
of creating ipv4.example.com I wonder what bizarre internal occurrences
could have led to such an action.

Also, as their objective *should* be to maximize eyeballs to their content
(irrespective of IP stack), proper project and risk analysis at the project
planning and management stage should have pointed out that having a setup
that prevents fallback to IPv4 is bad.

Then again, the response could be coming from some tech support guy who may
not have been part of the project. But again in the spirit of running
effective project - the last stage of an project should be "Documentation
Review and spreading lessons learnt". So one of the project tasks should
have been to brief tech support folks with the explanation (if there was
one) for this weird behaviour.

> ** **
> I have to say, kinda disappointed to see this from a company as large as
> Yahoo who did such a good job in the world v6 day in promoting v6, because
> this kinda thing really hurts the deployment of IPv6, it makes people
> scared to move ahead and it’s not what we need.

I wonder how involved Yahoo's project management office (PMO) if they have
one was involved in this. But fortunately you were able to get to someone
who understands and will fix the problem.


Mukom Akong T.

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